Jackie 60 Couture now back online

Hey Jackiefolk-

Thanks for loving Jackie 60 Tshirts so much that we have just introduced several new versions with the reopening of the online Motherhop last weekend.

Its completely nuts, since the weekly club closed 4 1/2 years ago, but we got so many requests for these shirts while the online shop was closed (from 9/03 till now), we decided to add some new models.

So, if you need a refill, check out


and hit the "Jackie Boot-ique" section.

(I just received my new J60 lunchpail today, and its a beauty!)

ALL sales benefit these boards, so its a winner all around.
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Anna Nicole...
You should be a billioniare by now!
You always have the best ideas.

Kiddie tees should be no problem. I'll check into it. (Luka's Jackie Tee probably just fits on his foot at this point)

But the invite idea is brilliant.
Yes, it is possible to do that.

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