Thinking of Coming to NY, need advice please?

Hi there people!

I only just joined MotherBoardsNYC, but have been lurking about for many years (way back!). The opportunity has arisen for me to perhaps travel to NY for a holiday August next year (not set in stone yet), but I was wondering how the scene is there nowadays, if it is still  worth it?

I'm also somewhat of a very shy person (although I know all the lovely people here could certainly help break that!).

Being an author, and working on my own memoirs currently, I would certainly love to have this opportunity, but I would need to plan properly, so as not to have any serious fall-backs.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated - such as where to stay, safe areas etc...


(Oh, I am coming ALL the way from Australia!).


Thanks so very much, you beautiful people!

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