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Good Bye Ms Terence - Heard the sad news tonight - Di and I will remember you fondly - go forth fierce henceforth know no pain - This...
Ted & Di

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Thank you so much for this, Delchi. And as she always did, Velma connects us with other friends from worlds as divergent yet...
Chi Chi

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I married a geek to but I love it. Geeks stay out of trouble and bring much less drama into a relationship than the average. They are...

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Dear Audrey Antler, I apologize for my wrong assumption about David Armstrong -- whose “Summer of ’79” show at the Albert Merola Gallery...

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Please Note* that the photo attached by Daddy on May 2, 2007 of Cookie Mueller, her son Max, and Gennaro Palermo was NOT taken by David...

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Just to set the record straight.. I AM the photographer of the photos of Cookie Mueller, her son Max and Gennaro Palermo in...

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Looks like the 'tilde' in the URLs is not allowing you to just click. You'll have to copy paste. (How Luddish.) ...
Terence Sellers

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The authorities need to squeeze my block in to the historic district. The gas station on the corner, right next to my building, was just...

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SO happy about this...yes, it's 20 years late and doesn't cover enough of the East Village, but has happened in the nick of time... ...
Chi Chi

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I just remembered that I hadn't been on the Motherboards in so long. Well now I'm another year older and just published my 17th book.
bobby Miller