Reply to "9/11/01 - The village signpost - please check in here"

Kylie dear -

We are NOT going to let a mere terrorist catclysm stop us, rest assured. Thanks for your love and concern - we will continue to post here as everyone is heard from.

We have heard from Kitty Boots (whose film production office was a block from WTC so we were concerned) Johnny and I are okay but deeply shaken - the first plane flew within feet of our roof I am told.

Besides this topic and the other one here - to all our friends, I have deleted some topics that should have been posts to consolidate our reactions and make the forums easy to read.

I have also started a topic in Another NY - Waiting For The End of the World" for first-hand accounts of this unprecedented day.
If you live or work near the Buildings Formerly Known As WTC 1 or 2 stop by and share your thoughts..

One last thing -
I have heard there is an urgent need for blood but the phone numbers of the Red Cross are jammed and there are no downtown locations listed on their website. If anyone can find out what hospitals are taking donations downtown and post it here it would be much appreciated. (We don't want to just go to some hellish scene and make it worse..)

I'm going out for a drink...