Reply to "9/11/01 - The village signpost - please check in here"

May all of our loved ones be alright.

The news here in Australia is scary. There is talk of America going to war. Of thousands dead. I wish I could send blood from Australia.

I have been up watching this since it began for me here at 11:30pm here/about. It's 7:30 am now. Desperate to reach loved ones in NYC.

If you will, pray with me?

Dear Goddess
Dear God
Dear any Deity who is listening;

Protect those injured and awating help, may they or as many as is possible be found safe;

Shine on those unhurt, we all need each other now;

Bless the internet, it's my lifeline to you all;

Cradle those who were lost in you divine light, may they be at rest;

Thank you dearest Deity for those who were spared;

Bless those who can give blood, may there be enough;

Bless my nurse and parameic friends and any of yours too who are helping those hurt, may they be safe to help others;

Bless the MotherBoards, so we can all reassure each other we are OK. May we lose no-one.

And please, please, dear Deity,
may this planet not go to war.

Amen, Awoman and Blessed Be.

Any word on Lee Chapel?