Reply to "9/11/01 - The village signpost - please check in here"

If you have word on anyone from this list or Ted And Di's list above please post. I am so frantic so far away here in Australia, there really is nothing I can do but watch the news.
Please let us all know if you hear of anyone, we all need each other now.
Love and Healing,

People who are alive:
*David Martin/neptune glory-> paramedic on the scene
*Ricky Horne and ALL Staff at Avalon Salon

People who are missing at time of writing:

Flamm, Xris <= OK
B, Allon
B, Heather [not related]
Blackburne, Katherine
Brooke, Blair
De Gallante, Pierre
Ehmann, Abby <=Reported to be OK
Ericah Hagle from Unto Ashes
Filipovich, Sandra [bellydance teacher to us in the scene]
Glory [ny]
Jason and Althea
John : [from Enchantments]
Laurenzi, Mario
McGraw, Michael
Melody from Unto Ashes
Reilly, Chris
Stevenson, Paige
Sundwall, Jesper

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