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Reply to "AB FAB"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by glamnerd:
trebla- just a rumor no fact in it. ya know like when it was rumored that Rosanne was producing the American version. but that never happened. keep your fingers crossed though.ya never know.

Betty , trust me I know how you feel. If anyone ever asked me what TV show I would give anything to be on I would have said Absolutely Fabulous in the blink of an eye! now all I need is to have a cameo in a David Lynch movie and I could die happy.[/QUOTE

It is so cool you got to meet them!!

You told us what joanna had to say (bout the modeling) but what did jennifer have to say? what was she saying? wt was she like?
was she tiny? lol i have heard people say they have met them and joanna was quite tall and jennifer was tiny.

Serge "im serge im your son"
eddy "he's a book?"