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(Thursday February 14, 6PM)
(Thursday January 17, 6PM.)

Self-help support group for HIV negative men who cannot stop having unsafe sex.

Call Lou for details:


*AIDS Vaccine 3-Day*
-To Benefit UCLA AIDS Institute, Aasron Diamond AIDS Research Center, and he Emory Vaccine Center-

(Friday July 19th-Sunday July 21st, 2002.)

A 3-day/60 mile march from Bear Mountain,NY to Manhattan to help search for the AIDS vaccine. The march is designed for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. "Mobile City" will provide hot meals, showers, massage and chiropractic services.

For catalogue:

Or online:


*The Smart Couples Project*
-For Couples Involving One Positve and One Negative HIV Partner-

A research study requiring several paid confidential interviews that will make you eligible to enter a program that helps you and your partner deal with medical and HIV.

Sponsored by the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at the NYS Psychiatric Institute in conjunction with the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Center for Comprhensive Care.

For Information:


*Spellbound/Blue Ball 2002*

-To Benefit.."Philadelphia Fight"-
The area's largest AIDS organization providing services regardless of ability to pay, research, prevention and education.

One of the biggest circuit parties with a large roster of DJs, drag and other varied performances and entertainment.

Drag Entertainment includes:
Blue Redo Galz do a little "tu-tu" stepping.
Azure, Periwinkle and Cobalt will take center stage for the premiere performance of the "Dance of the Blue Wigs," with a little help from their back-up dancers, the men and women of the Pennsylvania Ballet. Don't ask. Just be there. At the Trocadero Theatre Sunday night for the famed Blue Redo Closing Party.

8th & Willow Streets
Philadelphia, Pa

For full information on in-person & online tickets, full schedule of events, DJs and performers, hotel packages,etc.:


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