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Reply to "AIDS turns 20"

The NYC AIDS Housing Network has created a team to walk on Sept. 29th in the Walk On Home walk-a-thon for Affordable Housing. 100% of the money that our team mates raise will go to support the vital community organizing and advocacy efforts of the NYC AIDS Housing Network.

I am writing to ask that you join our team (team
name: AIDS Housing Network) and help us raise money. If you can't give up your Sunday, then I'm asking you to sponsor me or another staff member as we struggle to complete the 5 mile walk! When you say what organization you would like your pledges to go to, goto NYC AIDS
Housing Network. All team registration or donations can be made on line at:

The AIDS Housing Network will happily answer any of the questions that you may have about our projects or where we hope to spend the money that we raise. We also always need volunteers and supporters so feel free to contact me for more general information (718) 802-9540.

You should also know that this event is helping to support tons of nonprofit housing providers and community based organizations that fight for housing. It's sponsored by Washington Mutual Bank so they're putting up the costs which is why every single nonprofit can keep 100% of the funds. Even if you don't support the NYC AIDS Housing Network, I sure hope that you're support another organization fighting to end homelessness
and build affordable housing here in NYC.

Thank you for your commitment to ending AIDS and

--Jennifer Flynn
NYC AIDS Housing Network
(718) 802-9540