Reply to "Anderson Cooper: "Outing" in the 21st Century"

Well, I'm a bit of an Anderson Cooper expert.

You see, my lady wife -The Empress has had a "thing" for Anderson ever since she first saw him on CNN. "He's so hot!" she would say night after night. Then... "He must be gay. He's too good to be true."
And I, with pitch-perfect gaydar, would say, "NO way. He is definitely not gay. Trust me, Anderson Coopper is a real man".
So then I Googled "Anderson Cooper gay" to prove that I was right.
I was wrong.
He is most definitely a friend of Dorothy.
And for the record, Michael (Musto) did NOT out him. I guess Michael always gets asked this now. Michael just interviewed him and of course asked him questions about his sexuality etc. in that way Michael has. Anderson Cooper has ALWAYS been open about his sassy-ness. In fact, he has won awards from "The Association Of Gay Journalists" (something like that). It's CNN who tries to keep his sexual orientation quiet. He is just too much of a stud muffin for them I guess. So now Anderson just avoids the subject (on CNN's orders I'm sure). But he's really pretty open about it.
Definitely NOT an "Outing".

Gay Stud Muffin Anderson Cooper


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