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Reply to "Area"

It opened in September 1983 on a night that forever defined "back to school" in a nightlife sense. Interestingly it closed the same night that The Tunnel opened, I remember because Johnny was DJing at the Tunnel so he couldn't go, but I went to represent us and brought a note from him to all his flock - the busboys and barbacks and bartenders who were so devastated - it was their first club closing.

I hung Johnny's note by the timeclock so they would all see it. It was 100% Dynell -

"Sorry I can't be there tonight, children, but remember - The Beat Goes On...
..And So Do We!-

I believe that closing night was December 1986. Area stayed vibrant for a surprisingly long time, due in large part to the elaborate, imaginative themes which were changed about every six weeks. The absolute heyday of Area was in 1984, at Malcolm McLaren's Butterfly Ball (for the release of "Madame Butterfly".) Totally epic.

I often think about Eric, who was so immensely talented at Mudd and Area and even later at MK, but went on to build places that are so soulless and cold these days, though highly sucessful. Area never made a penny - they would just put whatever they made into the next great theme decor. Yet that is the work that he will be remembered for - no one will be talking about Bowery Bar fifteen years later, you can rest assured.

I never knew this person you are talking about, though I do remember the window display. Good luck in your research!