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I posted this in NYC events already, but I thought it might also be of special interest here since Our subject, Jeffery Strouth, was a denizen of Area.


New One Man Show Takes a Look at the Life of a Flamboyant Nomad
Play Premieres at Duplex Cabaret Theatre Mondays in April

Reno Dakota�s American Fabulous, a one man show adapted from Jeffrey Strouth and Reno Dakota�s 1992 indie film of the same name, will receive its stage premiere Mondays, April 1-22, 9 p.m., at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre, 61 Christopher St. at Seventh Ave. Tickets are $15 each, and there is a two-drink minimum. For reservations, call (212) 255-5438.

New York Actor Troy Carson adapted the play from the film directed by Dakota, which is an autobiographical look at the life of Jeffrey Strouth that was released posthumously after Strouth�s death from AIDS in 1992. In adapting the play from the film, Carson and director Jonathan Warman received the blessing and support of Dakota, who provided them with important insights into the life of the flamboyant Strouth.

�Strouth was born southern-Ohio �trailer trash.� He crisscrossed the country for decades, whoring, waiting tables, periodically getting devastated and sometimes moving back home to Ohio� Carson says. Eventually, Strouth ended up being part of early-'80s Manhattan nightlife, including a stint at the legendary club Area. �All of this is described in very funny detail in the play,� adds Carson.

Reno Dakota�s American Fabulous is directed by Jonathan Warman, best known to New York audiences as director of JEREMY KAREKEN IS EMILY DICKINSON IN MY LIFE AS A WOMAN for Access Theater and assistant director for Richard Schechner�s production of THE THREE SISTERS at La MaMa ETC.

Warman says he identifies with Strouth and sees qualities in him not unlike those of other gay men he has known. "Jeffery Strouth may have been born white trash, but he more than made the most of his too-short life. His special gift for storytelling makes this show a real treat to work on.�