Reply to "Area"

They were Shawn Hausman, Darius Azari and brothers, Christopher and Eric Goode.
Eric of course went on to do MK, The Building, (he also designed Club USA) Bowery Bar, Maritime Hotel, Bowery Hotel etc. (I'm probably forgetting some others as well).

They were from California. We met them at The Mudd Club where they started. (where we ALL started!)

First they opened this really GENIUS little club. I can't remember the name. In fact, I don't think it even had a name. It was pre-AREA and only open for a few months as I recall. It was filled with stuffed animals (stuffed animals as in Museum of Natural History not teddy bears) and basically the the seed that grew into AREA.
It may have even been just an afterhours club.
(Afterhours clubs... those were the days)

Anyway, Chris got married and has kids I think.
Darius I think moved back to Cali.
And Shawn is in the movie biz I think (as is his father).

Serge Becker was also involved in Area.
Serge also went on to do hundreds of clubs, Joe's Pub, The Box. Too many to mention.

They are all great guys.