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Reply to "Arias With A Twist"

its been a dream and a privilege to work with the Goddess Joey Arias
superstar showgirl welcome home rose

thanks to everybody's fabulous support
the show is sold out for its original run!!!
but the truth is that there are rush seats at $20
which, depending on no-shows can be great seats..and best chances are the late night shows

AND we've extended for the rest of the summer

check out what jim fouratt says online
...i like it

Kali Erectus in dervish phantasmagoric spectacle: Arias has met his Max Reinhardt and the NYC theater world is blessed with world-class outsider performance art that splashes on and stains the psyche. Beneath the masks, corsets, lashes and shimmering brio, Arias manifests the sorcery of gender illusion, twisted appropriation and the mesmerizing synthesis of archetypical pop iconicity. Always an originator, never an imitator Arias has both inspired and been ripped off by household names. HERE he finally seizes the spotlight by meshing with his Balanchine /Diaghilev/Cocteau/Tom O'Horgan star-making, visionary director Basil Twist. Molten chemistry smelts from the fission of these two queens' artistry colliding. Arias respectfully channels Holiday and gifts the audience with Billie's soulful sensibility. Twist visually reinvents audacious fantasy seeped in resonating beauty