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Reply to "Bobby Miller/ new Book"

Bad News: does not produce good quality b/w photo books. They look like xerox copies. Here is a post in the lulu forums from an unhappy poster who printed his b/w book through

" I have just done a B&W book of photographs. Project number 1324309 - I didn't use the photo book option because there are no options for B&W, only colour and my project (a 210 page book of b&w documentary street photos around Asia) would cost me twice as much as I could possible sell it for if I went for a colour option.

I chose a b&w book option in 9x7 landscape format and on my computer screen, it looked just what I wanted. I have now received my copies and to be perfectly honest, I can photocopy better quality onto cartridge paper than I'm getting in this book and I'm embarrassed to even show it to anybody let alone ask anybody to part with money for it.

I want to know why it is not possible to get a photo quality book in black and white at a reasonable cost? There are many photographers out there doing B&W who would want to do a book, I'm a member of a camera club and several websites such as flickr and was recommending lulu until I saw this abomination appear. Now I'm recommending any serious photographer to stay as far away from Lulu as possible.

It is great for novels and written work, but bookshop quality photography books, not a hope in hell!!

Has anybody here had any similar experience with such poor printing?

I only hope some of Lulu's senior management look at these Forums - There is a gap for a good quality, b&w photo quality cost effective book option.

After years taking the photos, months preparing the book just as I wanted it, I'm devastated at the shocking quality of the final effort. If I'm lucky, I can give away a few copies FOC to my family but as for making any money back.. forget it."

Sounds awful. I am back to square one with my book project so it seems.