Reply to "Burlesque Queen MISS KELLY WEBB Loses Everything in Tragic Thanksgiving Fire- PLEASE READ"

Hi Ms Webb.
I am so sorry to hear of the fire. It is really something very
difficult to deal with during these times. The mother board family
is great. Prayers are answered. I will make a copy of the video
I shot at CBGB's aof you dancing with thosde sexy Exotic Long Fingernails
and those Toenails. I was siting right at the stage dressed in Black

see me at my web site:
I will make you a copy for you to keep. What ever made you wear
long toenails, I thing long toenails are toe sexiest things on a
person.I have a friend who is the Queen of Long ToenailsQueen Virginia and She dances also.I'm hooked!
Love seeing you dance with the claws and nails on. E mail me and
we'll set up a delivery for you. I also live in Bklyn,
May the future be at your feet!
Shema Nails
(Oh I have a long nail fetish) smile