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Reply to "Can We Build a Less Prejudiced TG Sense of Community?"

I can't easily jump in (being the world's ugliest gender-variant "thing" to come down the pike as most of you know) but this discussion is so smart & riviting.

I've been around the drag world for years. It started at G.G. Barnum's in Times Square where I was a go go dancer. One day I got caught in the G.G. dressing room. The "girls" asked Miss Peter- The Sweetie of her day, "Can we keep him, Can we keep him Miss Peter?"
They did.
Never a tranny or a chaser I always appreciated "the show". Then came The Pyramid Club, Boy Bar, Susanne Bartsch Parties, Ball Houses (I'm an Xtravaganza), Jackie 60 etc. etc. etc. I just love my girls! I know some people wonder why I started QUEENMOTHER.TV and these QM FORUMS... I'm not "trans" anything... but somehow it just seemed natural. Reading this topic makes me feel like it's all worth it. Thanks, and please, carry on ladies!
(and yes, I know I'm a little "drag" orientated but I'm a LEO and have always been "show people")

My two faves...

Myself I don't care for labels since they suggest a digital (e.g. binary!) world. Humans are so analog (continuous and varying).

Brilliant April... Humans are so analog!

While I'm not interested in fulfilling the "male" cultural role, I don't necessarily feel I need to be female either. Instead of rejecting "maleness" I'd rather just redefine it on my own terms.

I agree... You really do!

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