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Reply to "Can We Build a Less Prejudiced TG Sense of Community?"

I have been reading everyones posts with such enthusiasm and interest. I would like to share a few things with several of you:
April: I know something of the feelings that you are going through about family and transitioning. I remember how much angst and fear that caused me. Once I knew there was no turning back for me any longer, I actually remember having thoughts of wishing my family dead so that I would be able to live. As insane as that sounds (and is) that's a good example of the level of torment that this can cause one to experience. Sure enough though, they all disowned me, but that has changed over time. Now my mother and I are closer than ever, and when I visit her, she introduces me to people in her building as her "daughter Stacy." I'm back in touch again with my sisters and brothers and some cousins and aunts. They now view my life as a success for they can see how happy I am, as well as being an actual person and personable.

When people who love you see you changing toward something thy fear and don't understand, they are going to understandably not approve and with much feeling and dissent or even disg ust. It is up to the individual, I believe, to show them, through their own confidence and successful living that they have made the right choice, if not the only choice.

I'm thrilled that even Daddy has come here and joined in.

Jade, I'm touched by yo ur open sympathy and care. Actually though, my life gets easier and easier as I proceed. Most of the people I encounter from day to day are very nice. So many here in Jersey City, both men and women have been friendly and accepting, as well as respectf ul. The other type of reaction is happily the exception, and sometimes,they are so extraordinary in their behavior that by their intensity, they can overshadow all of the wonderful warm people that are the majority. As you well know, I believe that the world is our mirror. I have found that the more inwardly serene and soft I am, and to the world, the more the world mirrors that. Anger and fear cause us to be harsh and eventually hard inside and out. When I encounter threatening and even violent reactions, it is to themselves,of corse that they are in reality reacting to. I can only keep my distance and not add anything more to that vicious cycle of anger and violence, and hopefully allow them, or one of them room in their minds and hearts to grow. Hopefully with the help of the Great Mother, I can have a nurturing effect rather than keeping that energy alive and growing by feeding into it.

Rose: I am happy to have come "home" too. I especially love that poem or song "A Transgendered Woman."

Sweetie Your post has touched me alot and has given me more strength. How unsure of myself sometimes. I was thinking earlier today that I might be rambling on too much on these boards. You have helped me to see that it's worth it. I also believe , like you, that we are spiritually special people. The American Indians as well as most so-called "Primitive" cultures around the world recognized, accepted, and revered us, placing us in special roles such as shaman and healers, leaders of ceremonies and dances. I was thrilled to read that the great Sioux Chief Crazy Horse had 6 wives, one of them being a Berdache, what we woud call transgendered.

To quote Hello Kitty: Me Happy to Be Here.
Goddess Bless Us All

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