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Reply to "Can We Build a Less Prejudiced TG Sense of Community?"

Hi girls,

Jade, I didn't mean to be harsh, it's just that I'm an old control freak who, and as Daddy suggested get frustrated when I fear that no one is taking my input seriously. (Need that validation!) I'm very happy that you are rediscovering your activist side and will keep you posted of activities coming up. In my experience it is empowering to take actions of my own behalf. Not only does it keep me from validating my victimhood but also builds self esteem through esteemabe acts. Prehaps we can hook up. Having said all that I also agree with you that working in groups can be trying and I quote from an annonymous source, "Leading trannys is like trying to herd cats. You get nowhere and just annoy the cats."

Stacy, you've reminded me what a beautiful soul you are and I'm grateful that you are coming out on the Boards. You've got so much to contribute to our "culture".

April- Like you I worked for Glorya. She took me under her wing like a sister and generously shared her experiences (and some wigs) with me. I have deliberately stayed away from commenting on the fueds that have come up regarding her and Gill on the Motherboards, but I will say in the context of this topic as I understand it-- Sweetie has offered several olive branches, opportunities to iron things out and they completely shut down communications.

Glorya and Gill's party promotions on the Boards never really bothered me enough to start a brouhaha because after all..don't all the promoters shamelessly plug themselves?--it appears to come with the territory! BUT--I do declare sis... if you're going to advertise here at least partake in the dialogues that go on. Linking us back to your site won't do and can even be taken by some as presumptuous and rude...Give us the dignity of a personal response at least and give back a little something!

Wouldn't it be totally powerful if Sweetie and Glorya, two titanic leaders joined forces for the betterment of the community! Stranger things have happened.

I respect and have good memories and feelings for the time I worked for Glorya-- anyone who starts bandying around with all the shade about trade and commerce needs to take a good look in the mirror!!! There's narry a one of us that ain't a whore in one way or another! Talk about intolorance!!! Check out Rosalynne Blumenstien's testimony at City Hall about the t-girls who were not born with one leg up like so many of us who are fortunate enough to know how to get by because we've had some education and can make our talents marketable. I've had a glimpse of the huge homeless transgendered population who are mercifully helped to some extent by Housing Works, an organization which could use our support in terms of volunteer work and benefit events. Many of these girls are tormented by their own people, kicked out of their homes and wind up, by default, working the streets. They are denied accomodations, jobs, and are driven out of shelters. Many contract HIV/AIDS and are then denied health services because of who they are. So what does Glorya offer those girls--think about it before you start giving out the hypocritical shade I've seen too many times.

My Mom, Sabrina in a rare lucid moment suggested.."why don't the pharmaceutical cos. that profit from the widespread use of hormones, pay to educate the public about the tg community!" Pretty good idea, Mom!

I should know by now that anything Sweetie touches inspires people and becomes popular just as this topic has. Forgive me, my friend, for getting carried away--there are, God knows, enough topics to rant on about advocacy and certainly the outpouring of personal testimony here is valuable and desperately needed in many ways. Thank you for this wonderful topic and please don't let an old whore like me intimidate anyone from anything they need to express!!

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