Reply to "Can We Build a Less Prejudiced TG Sense of Community?"

How I LOVE this topic - let me get sum!

I love being a boy. I am a gay boy. I love gettin' awl up in drags and I looove performing - although my thing has never been 24/7...although I've been wearing makeup and dressing in "boy glam" since the 8th grade.

Do I feel like part of the transgendered communuity? I love my trannies - i reallly do. While I am not transgendered or trans-identified - I guess I consider us all family on one spectrum because we are all lumped together...and it especially seems to be that way in New York. Now -maybe it's my super Rupaul "Everybody Say Love" and "the tg's, cd's, and dq's here are all together" image that was painted in my mind by the likes of Wigstock - but when I got to New York I saw that.

Never before did I see fierce drag queens, genetic girls, flawless trannies, and cunty cross dressers grooving to the same vibe (Cheez Wiz). I love it - I love it - I love it.

I agree with Miss Understood when she said that she's never been exactly comfortable with the over-extreme personficiations of "maleness" in our culture - and at the same time "femaleness" too. I like the fact that she is comfortable with her maleness by making her own rules and redifining what it means to her - we must engage in some kai kai festivities. But really speaking -I feel the same way. I have always percieved myself socially androgynous and really get weirded out when people come up to me wanting me to be all masculine and stick my "big cuban cigar" somewhere. In the same token- I have felt equally odd the one time a CD wanted me to dress up for him and him to treat me like the "girl I really wanted to be" and spank my cocoa buns.

Has anyone else had this go on?? Does this feeling of "oddity" last?

I also like what Lex had to say about being a gay boy in makeup. I am recently going through the first pangs of rejection due to makeup since my drag is turning into something more serious on terms of entertainment, career, and community. A lot of guys are soo frightened by it and automatically loose their boner, which leaves me in sort of a limbo momentarily. The great thing is is that the makeup is a automatically filters out guys you would rather not be around and their oh-so-close-minded ways.

In the end - I have to aggree with my Sweetie when I say that I always felt a kindredness with the female spirit, and boys who walked the grey line and genderfucked. I wanted to be both Sheila E and Prince.

In the end...butch queen or femme queen...miss executive realness or mr. immaculate, we are in the same house. rock out.

Nicky Lazaro

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