Reply to "Cosmic Cavern a Go-Go by Kenny Scharf & Scott Ewalt."

Short answer to "colorful abandon" - yes. You should definitely check out "Cheryl" if you like the parties @ Cosmic Cavern. We're not associated with either but highly recommend both.

Long answer/comparison:

Cosmic Crowd: polysexual/queer, mixed, underground/hipster with a very high percentage of notable personalities & local celebrities. Costumes & crowd participation. (Kenny paints people as they come in the door)

Cosmic Music/Format: (Scott Ewalt) 50's-Current. heavy on Rock, Funk, Disco, R&B. Dancing & Go-Gos in the main room, mingling & bar in separate room. guessing 250+ at a time starts hopping early and goes really late. Limited alcohol selection, but cheap! Smile

Cosmic Cavern: We've seen nothing else like it. Fully customized Kenny Scharf installation. The "staff" are Kenny/Scott's family and friends, so SUPER friendly.
Cheryl Crowd: underground hipster to more mainstream alternative/college crowd. GLB(T)friendly (but didn't "notice" any t girls/boys specifically)somewhat polysexual, but seems that it leans a bit more hetero. Costumes & crowd participation. Cheryl crew sets up a station to paint/Cherylize for the first 2 hours. They also passed bottles of fake blood through the crowd @ about 3am @ the last one.

Cheryl Music/Format: (multiple DJs)- 80s New Wave/Goth, 90s Industrial, Current Alternative Dance Rock, Electro etc. (Ladytron, Presets, Peaches, Fischerspooner)They have a theme based show around 1am (one song dance number) projections, video etc. They had over 400 people at the last one. They also have video filming events, and other ways to get involved.

Bell House - Old "Public House" style lounge up front with dark wood, and Victorian style furniture. They have food available (Beer Cheese and Dub Pies). This is the area that where people mingle prior to midnight. Then @ midnight they open the Main Floor/Stage area. DJs play from the stage, full light show, smoke machines etc. Large bar in the main area. Big beer selection @ $3-4 cheapish mixed drinks $5-6ish. Dancing starts at midnight and goes until 4am. Good bar service even when crowded, friendly staff. We've gone for several other lower key events at Bell House and really like the feel of the venue.

If you do end up going to the next Cheryl, drop us a note, I think we've got a group going.