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Reply to "Cult Movies"

Cleopatra IS fabulous; no-one does slightly bored/you're-stepping-on-my-dress hauteur like La Liz..she did Grace Jones before Grace.

But then we all have a quiet, introspective moments, don't we?, where we crave the quietly hysterical camp of Ash Wednesday. My personal fave. After getting the jilt from a psychopathically cold Henry Ford, a hagged-out Liz gets a facelift in Zurich or whatever as an act of revenge (oh my!), and, voila, is gorgeous again. So, eyebrows & cleavage intact, she then proceeds to have this sort of tragic "affair" with a blonde german/swiss aesthete several decades her junior, who just happens to be at the spa as well (I forget why). Anyways, he's an idiot, but finds her irresistable.

For Liz fans, it's feast. Full diamonds, full face, turbans. Loving close-ups of her violet eyes. There's this great shot of her in an illegal- fur muff hat, just kind of glowering at no-one in particular. Actually, there are lots of shots like that, sort of staring into space. She turns it on when the men treat her like shit, but you can tell she's heavily sedated. And just like Cleopatra, it also echoes her (un)real life. Which is amazing, really, since she's pretty much denied ever having any work done. Uh-huh.

Some fun Liz facts -
a) She has unparalleled star power in Asia, such that when she vists Japan, she's treated as though she were a member of certified royalty - like, the embassy handles her schedule, she gets to stay at some imperial palace, and the protocol places her higher than visiting foreign politicians (ie., the president). I read this in Time a few years ago.

b) When she visited Toronto a while back, the Four Seasons Hotel blew out all the windows on the 14th floor, the one she booked, because she hates sealed windows, and might have wanted to enjoy "the breeze". There is no breeze in Toronto.

c) She's raised like half-a-billion dollars for AIDS research. That's $500,000,000.00. If you've never seen clips of her blasting congress, in congress (like '85, or something), for their neglect of the AIDS epidemic, you should. Wow.

Too bad about those Liza-wedding pics(ugh), though..