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Reply to "Cult Movies"

Oh, this is getting intense...

Liz looks her "natural" best in Butterfield 8, you know, where she plays the Unhappy Hooker?

In the first scene she wakes-up(some bedroom), has a swig of scotch, suddenly remembers she's a sex-trade worker (she sees the money left on the vanity), and, in a rage, tags a mirror with her (very) red lipstick. Then, she throws on the obligatory fur coat - nothing underneath - and stumbles outdoors to catch a cab.

We've all been there, right?

Later on, in one of the more bitchglam scenes of her career, she slowly but surely pierces Laurence Harevy's foot with her stilletto, whilst levelling one of those, uh,stares at him - you know, that look she gets, it's all "Ya, I'm liz, big deal. WTF are you?"

Anyways, this was the movie she "had" to make like 3 weeks after Mr. Todd died in that plane crash - she is reported explaining that all she did was learn her lines, show-up on the set and repeat them, because she was too depressed (read=medicated) to actually try to act.

And then she won the Oscar for it.

She looks her worst in "The Mirror Crack'd". Actually, a lot of people had to have been on crack to make that movie. Lens filters and plenty of muu-muus couldn't disguise the fact that La Liz was really fat. And, like, nothing happens(Ok, a few minutes of cat-ish banter between her and Kim Novak).

She's done some extraordinary TV interviews - but not in the states. I saw one on the BBC @ 3years ago. Unedited, she swears a blue streak. (Explained, in graphic detail, how she discovered Mongomery Clift right after he plowed into some tree, and held his brains in his skull 'til help arrived. A la Jackie & JFK.)She has this really irritating cackle, must have been partly why she was married so many times ("Liz, please!!!- stop laughing!").

I never made it to one of her fragrance launches - they always looked hysterical, what with Sugar et al.