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Reply to "Cult Movies"

Always rent ANYTHING with Shelley Winters' name on the box! You can never go wrong.

My favorite movies are the post-Baby Jane era films. Basically, they're exploitation thrillers with gorgeous aging actresses. Here are a few

1) Who Slew Aunty Roo: with, you guessed it, Shelley Winters. It opens with her singing a baby to sleep... well, the skeleton of a baby!

2)What's the Matter with Helen: Same year, same Shelley, and Baby Jane's screenwriter. It's a must.

3) Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice: Sweet Ruth Gordon digging graves in her backyard.

4) Die, die, my darling!: Tallulah Bankhead as a murderous religious fanatic, a great casting decision for the famous potty mouth.

5) Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte: Bette's next sick flick after Baby Jane. Agnes Muffdiver Moorhead is great in this one!

6) Strait-Jacket: Joan Crawford's next freak out. Like a fine wine, like a stinky cheese, these women got better with age!
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