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Reply to "DAVID BOWIE"

We've done a lot of video and music trading with people online, and one of the sets of treasures we ended up with is 6-7 hours (two VHS full)of Bowie performances/videos.

We yanked them out LATE on New Years Eve for some of our friends who hadn't seen them. Some of our very favorite:

-- Bowie/Cher medley (around Young American's Era)it is so tragic it's funny Smile

-- 2 performances with Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias on Saturday Night Live

-- "I've got you." performance with Marianne Faithfull. (She's wearing a flying nun deal, and he's got red wings coming out of the front of his pants)


When you see these types of things back-to-back you realize there really isn't much this man HASN'T done or tried.