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Reply to "David Wojnarowicz - Artist"

In such a short span David W. did more for breakthrough art and Aids politics than most of us could hope for in a lifetime. One of the few art shows I've ever attended and gone away intoxicated with the creativity of the work. There's not much more astounding then seeing work you may have dreamt of or intended to create and then brought to reality by a fanatic obsessed. My initial reaction was, damn he beat me to it and then realized, oh great, now I don't have to do it because much of it was quite labor intensive. Besides, he excelled at bringing new meaning to iconic imagery which many fail to do or even consider. Had his life not been cut short, no doubt, he'd be a giant of the last millenium.

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upon re-reading this post I thought in my excitement of finding kindred spirits of David W. I may have sounded a tad suggestive of being on a par or nearly as creative as his works proved to be. Such is not the case of course, what I meant was that there were a few things that some artists would also find universal or identify with that David managed to embody and express through his vision. Difference being he acted upon it without hesitation. I thank all for not taking me to task here.
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Hatches, you're a wealth of knowledge for all of us, I hope you're considering setting aside your life interferences to assemble the definitive history of these times in book form before it all vanishes to memory or lack of. I read your post about the video projections down by Canal st. and couldn't help but think of a beam of light coming out of one of your apartment windows? roll eyes


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