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Reply to "David Wojnarowicz - Artist"

I just re-read this entire topic. It's amazing, so much information. Tonya, you are insane... God bless you!

And Doug,
You're a little mistaken... and going to catch hell from ME!
It's just really sad to me that when most people think of New York Art, they think of Warhol, or Basquiat, who as far as I was concerned were more into keeping up the myth of the artist rather than actually producing essential art. I know I'm probably going to catch hell from some people, but what the fuck did those two do that were so damn interesting anyway?

well, that's a whole lot to explain but Warhol & Basquiat are major. Just look at the world around you. Turn on the TV (and don't say "I don't watch TV") It's a Warhol! You may not like it but it's there. And Basquiat's paintings are more beautiful than ever.

But this is about D.W.
Here is "Hattie as Rimbaud", 1979 -gift from the subject. I'm sure it was shot at "The Piers". (not that I was ever there)


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