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Reply to "David Wojnarowicz - Artist"

I love the revisionist history that thanks to Google, continues to take place here. So it was that I got this corrrection about the naming of 3 Teens Kill 4, referring back to a post in this topic three years ago.

Here it goes-


Dear Mother/jackie Johnny and Chi Chi, this is max blagg calling in
to say I am still alive and well, and to correct a niggling little
item on your mother board. Ken Tisa did NOT come up with the name of
the band Three teens Kill Four. I dont think Kenny even came to
danceteria #1 which is where the band was formed from staff members.
I was in the original band with david and jesse, and I came to a
'rehearsal' with a list of names, from which we chose 'three
teens' (I got it from a newspaper headline)after my first choice,
"Sissies from Hell" was turned down as 'homophobic' by a rather
cautious Jesse. We performed in public about three times, notably at
the Danceteria bust benefit "Staph infection" which took place at El
teddy's Restaurant a hundred years ago. love to all, max Blagg