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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

I am still trying to take this all in. When I heard that Dean had died I was in shock. I had literally just heard from him on My Space and he had written this wonderful blog a few months back paying tribute to me that he wanted me to see. It made me cry. I was touched and moved that I had made a mark on him.
We were bonding and being sad together about CBGB's closing- that is where Dean and I met. He then went on to invite me to play his Fag Fest/HomoCorps there. We of course ran into each other all over the place in the City but CB's was where we made music together.
We had some fun times at Don Hill's too.
He was a big, gloriously cut, ripped washboard stomach of an alien.
The Dean he let me see was sweet and kind. Funny and dry witted.
I really loved him a lot.
This is just so sad.
God bless you Dean and RIP. Maybe you will go to that planet where all the other cool aliens live.
If anyone gets anymore info about this please let us all know what the hell happened to him and the other fellow.
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