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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

The death of Dean Johnson is untimely and a great tragedy, or shall I say murder.

I'm glad everyone is paying tribute to him.
Myself, I hope the sons of bitches that did this to him and his friend are caught and tortured.

Very sinister these Saudi's who come here where they can drink and spend pennies (in their minds) for sex.....virtually do anything they want. I know when I was very young, I saw a few Saudi's. They called the girls cattle and would ply them with drugs while making them stand around to be riciculed and finally being picked from a line. This would go on in big hotel rooms, LA in particular.

I did this twice and got copious amounts of money both times, but it left a bad mark on my pysche. The girls I knew that would go for it on a weekly basis were struggling artists, and some
just became junkies for the money, got into drugs and if I could find the guys who did this to Dean and others................

I doubt it will ever happen. In Wa DC???? Dirty secrets like that? Never.

Dean left a comment on my friend's myspace page
a few weeks ago, as the 'Velvet Mafia'. Said "I'm glad u r still alive."