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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

Three recent emails I received regarding Dean show the breadth of his regard amongst Downtowners...

I am beyond upset. Ages ago when the East Village News existed, I was Entertainment editor... I do remember that the saving grace of that film (Mondo New York) was Dean and The Weenies.
I fell in love and remember making a point of going to his shows... All I know is that he was the most brilliant entertainer and I can't believe he's gone. My condolences to the family. Eva Heinemann


I was so happy to see him on stage at Howl just a few weeks ago. It brought back memories of some of my most favorite dance memories, the late 80's at the World and Rock & Roll Fag Bar. Dean really brought joy into my life and I am sure that of so many, many others. As long as I have those souvenirs, Dean will always be dancing. Bless him.
With love,

Veronica Vera
Dean of Students
Miss Vera's Finishing School
For Boys Who Want to be Girls


...Although I never knew him personally, he was a bit of an icon to me and all my college friends. I found the 12" of Dean and the Weenies doing "Fuck You" at some downtown NYC record store in 86 or so, and bought it based on the cover. It became the party anthem at all my college parties, and everyone I knew at Boston University knew all the lyrics. No party was done til we played "Fuck You." LOUD.

"Fuck the Third World War!
Fuck Mary...Tyler....MOORE!
And fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck YOU!"

Such funny memories. Thanks Dean. And thanks for honoring him.

cheers, Nicole Blackman
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