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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

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The story made DC's Fox 5 News at 10 last night. And this morning my city councilman (I live in the same Ward as the crime scene) emailed this out...

>I wanted you to know that this >morning I spoke with Commander >Anzallo, who heads up detectives for >MPD, concerning a report of two >deaths at the Envoy at 2400 16th NW.

>On two separate dates--September 16 >and September 20--just four days >apart the tenant called 911 to report >an unconscious man in his apartment.

>In both cases, the individual was >unconscious but dead on scene, there >were no visible signs if trauma or >foul play and each person had been >invited into the apartment by the >tenant.

>Police executed a search warrant, and >are treating this as highly >suspicious. They are awaiting further >medical reports.

>The first death involved someone who >was 26 years old, and the second >someone who was 45 years old.

>That is all there is to say at >present.
Chris | 10.03.07 - 11:13 am | #

If this is true this guy in DC should be arrested for the deaths of two men