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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

oh god/goddess!!! tonite's celebration of dean was so lovely, so much gratitude to everyone for testifying and witnessing! Beth it was amazing to read your post, thank you for yr generosity, and im so so so sorry for your loss. he alwasy held you in the highest regard when he'd speak of you. you will be happy to know there was some true love and joy in the room for having known him, or even those who didnt know him, and who were still influenced and affected by Dean, everyone celebrating him. it gave me some peaceful feeling to swim in that. And it was so fun to see everyone turn OUT for it, i think dean would have been thrilled! i too kept thinking he was gonna stroll in at some point, weirdly. the lights were flickering at the early part of the night and i of course thought that meant dean had entered the building and was waiting to see who was coming to pay tribute. Keeping track! hello! I thought it was nice of dale to share what he read , and so i'm taking his lead. love you dale. love you dean. we all were beach buddies together, at dale and tony's homebase in cherry grove. the following is a short interview/questionnaire i did with dean a few years ago for the notorious fanzine Scumbagfagmag, i am their staph writer. the issue topic was SLUTS.

SLUTTTTT. I dont know, calling someone a slut is like calling someone an alcoholic. It's something a slut has to admit themsleves, a self diagnosed state of being. so, i took an educated guess over here by asking dean.i have been to the beach with him many times, and i'm telling you there must be some pretty good conversations or something in those dunes, at 20 minute intervals over the course of 5 hours. Gods bless you big dean johnson, rock n roll superstar of the universe, a NY legend, and also my pal. Thank you Dean!

1.define the word SLUT
*********A slut is someone who puts out without getting paid for it

2.are you a slut?
*******I am now. I used to be a consummate professional but my work ethic has waned

3.assuming the answer is yes, please list some "sluts" you may have been inspired by in the past
***** mae west, JFK, tonya harding, elizabeth dole

4. what might a typical day of a slut look like?
******* there is no typical day...sluts follow the whims of their own sexual impulses and life is always an adventure

5. is it possible to be a slut in a committed relationship? hmmm?
******well, to paraphrase a famous slut, it depends on what yr definition of "commitment" is

6. do you think there is one group of people in particular that are predisposed to being sluts? like gay men? and why is that?
*****For some reason, anyone raised in a religious enviroment turns out slutty , i dont know why

(*note* viva has lived through 13 years of catholic school)

7. some drawbacks to being a slut , if any. feel free to leave this blank. i mean if you cant find any drawbacks.
**** sometimes sex can conflict with your television viewing schedule. a lot of sluts are getting tivo

8. advice to emerging sluts in the east village of new york city?

***** call me 347. 528. 3700

( that was his real # originally but i changed it around cuz im not sure whats happening w his phone right now. fuck. reality check. this sucks.)
thank you to johnny mcgovern for playing the role of dean in this reading tonite. i know they were great friends too.
it was quite a lovely night. xavier sang RAINBOW CONNECTION! oh boy. dean is really so loved. i hope you can feel that dean! i really didnt get enough of you dean but what can i say? i was so lucky to have gotten some of you up close and personal. i miss you. i want more. dean, you are awesome and you will stay that way in me forever and ever amen.
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