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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

All of the posts here have been very comforting.
I remember when I was the chef at MK. David Ilku and that crazy Rachel were always there and I was always giving Rachel dinner for free. David would always tell me about Dean's thing at the World in great detail.

I met Dean in a recovery room. He was just the best. I would always try to stay sober but it never took with me either. Anyway Dean really could tell an excellent story. Always. This room was one of the funnest rooms around, on 4th Street and Ave B, I think. NA.
I really vented here when I first saw this. Thank you for having these boards. And all of his friends.
I wish I could have come to the city for the memorial. At least people from all over the world can look here and read about it, and grieve.

And who is this weirdo who keeps popping up like a cartoon character saying "How common."
Like a little fly that you want to smash. Nobody likes little flies and that's why fly swatters were invented.

It's nice to know that Dean has a loving sister. and Daniel Carter,
wow, it's pretty cool that you spoke out about your own escorting.

I don't know what else to say......sad