Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

Special Note to Dale aka Dominick!

I want to thank you for posting all those gorgeous and *scurrilous* insider details (on page 5 of this thread) all about Dean-the-Master-Red, Dean-the-Escort...
As I said before, I was only getting to know Dean-the-Writer, as a major, major talent... and "Angel Stern" was also looking forward to knowing "Master Dean."

To know he bloodie CARED about his johns like that... that he gave his all in session, that he considered at times 'not charging.' From my experience for 20+ years in Manhattan as a Domme and Madam, I can say this is a rare kind of soul. Too many people in the sex business deserve the bad reputation we mostly have!
But there ARE those pros who stick by their clients, through the years, as friends and intimates. Somewhere along the line Dean must have realized that a good way to weather the trials of 'the business' is to find compassion for your clients, messed up and hung up as they might be. When you give them your kindness, you get so much more back than money.

That one of his johns thought to call him, and ask for his care and company ... if that WAS his motivation, and let's say it was... and that Dean didn't say "Ick! What do I care about that trick!" shows how much heart the guy had.

I've read a few posts/comments on other sites about Dean, and some people just want to dismiss him as a no-talent escort. And these are GAY people. It's about time that sex workers are respected and given their rightful place in the gay world AND the straight... as psychologists and priests/priestesses and healers.

It's ironic, sad and tragic, that that impulse took him to the apartment of a sick puppy, a possible monster. I just hope whatever transprred WAS an accident... though
the case is starting to read like a Law & Order Special Victim Units puzzle.