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Hi S'tan (and all FOD's). Thanks for the love. Dean was really excited to contribute to Verbal Abuse. Sadly, his shoulder injury kept him from writing more of late.
I'm totally with you on the gay on gay ignorance. I dont want to drive traffic to Wonkette, so I won't post the link, but they did a snarky piece that took off on the page 6 item. Many of the comments are beautiful but a few suck. Below is my post:

Dean LOVED appearing on Page Six, and is getting a big kick out of the lurid headlines that outfit is generating. (Gotta love "Viagra Death Probe" too)
But Dean would be APPALLED that Wonkette calls him a 'six-foot-six bald-headed HIV-positive meth-using porn star' ! Dean was a HEROIN addict! Can I get a fact check? Meth is for the Nazi SS and Chelsea boys.
And BTW that business about the sex parties for a Saudi Millionaires was, like, ages ago.
Ask any decent NYC working boy and they will tell you that DC is a HUGE market for their services. Something about that power structure thingy you have there. There's nothing like being forced into panties and submitting to a dominant top after a long day of legislatin'...
Dean specialized in detailed fantasy scenarios of abuse, humiliation and domination, so naturally he had a lot of johns in high places in DC.
As for the dispective TROLLS on this thread (homopolitico- hey!), a little background on the Weenie's underground hit. Dean was at Area one night in '85 and this bore wouldn't stop yammering. Dean went home, flipped on the TV to the Mary Tyler Moore reruns, and wrote the song. Verse 2 & 3 are for toi:

Why are you talking to me?
Please leave immediately
Where is your dignity? Please get away from me
Why don't you choke on a fashion accessory?

I cannot remember your name and I couldn't care less
I could have more fun talking to the IRS
Why don't you take you take you problems to analysis?
Get your foot out of your mouth and suck on this-

...and you know how it ends. Mwaa

The man Dean went to visit is a gay man with a disabling disease. He was someone Dean cared about and talked to me about. He's on a ALOT of meds- morphine and other drugs. He has a neurotransmitter for pain management. My most charitable assessment of the situation is that he was SO impaired that he used REALLY POOR judgement in inviting Jordan Cronkin to stay with him, and WORSE judgement in giving Dean (and possibly Jordan) his meds. I suspect his meds had a bad interaction with Dean's meds.
My darkest assessment is his disability left him feeling powerless and he sought to control his visitors with his meds.
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