Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

by Dean Johnson

A dishy, dishy, dishy dishy, yea yea yea!

One day back in thirty b.c.
A Roman named Mark Antony
led his legions down the Nile
To give Cleopatra a smile-

Cleo said: drop dead!
I would rather kiss a snake instead
She said: Go tell Mark I'm not in the mood
Cleopatra had an attitude

she had ceasar poppin,________ attitude

Back in the 18th centuy
The peasants of France were tres hungry
They went to Versailles to see what they could get
From a big queen, named Marie Antoinette

Louie's Lady, she didnt care
she was wearing a 7 course dinner in her hair
When the peasants cried, "We want food!"
Marie said, "Let them eat attitude!"

ooh waa,
She had ________,_________ attitude

Back in 1933
In the Weimar Republic of Germany
times were tough and people needed cash
along came an ex-con with a funny moustache

He was easy enough to ignore
but then he was elected chancellor
And a hundred million people died in WW2
Adolf Hitler had attitude

he had dirty nazi holacost-y attitude


Back in 1980, I couldn't see
much of a future for the moral majority
I giggled when the GOP went so far
as to nominate a movie star

So when Reagan ran for president, i didnt care
now the white house has matching silverware
and the peasants still cry out for food
'cause Ronald Reagan has attitude.

So don't be friendly, polite or fair
keep your nose up in the air
Be nasty, rotten, vicious and rude;
dish that attitude!

dish that attitude!

dishy, dishy, dishy, dishy, yea, yea, yea!

A video was made for this song at The World by the people who did Fuck You for Mondo NY (at least partially due to the efforts of Keith @ Radical Records who produced the Chicken/Fuck You single). Back in the days when there was no cable in Manhattan, there was a music video UHF channel in NJ that played the video late on the weekends. I saw it twice as I recall. Supposably, it was also played on an MTV show called "closet classics".

Those were the daze...