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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

Alright...I've been lurking and reading all the amazing and touching posts since I put up the montage of Dean photos (on the second page of this thread).

Thank you to all of you for your memories and photos, and especially to Lisa for her video of Dean laughing. It was always the laugh with Dean...the laugh and the lyrics. Thank you to Chi and Johnny for making this pace available to us. Johnny you were right in saying how incredible it is to see everyone from the old crew show up...and meet so many of the new crew who knew and grew to love Dean as well.

I've also been circulating the Youtube links to friends - we're so fortunate that we can remember a friend in this way - with visual aids!

Now here's the crazy part. I just had a birthday and got a reading with a medium as a gift. She was pretty amazing and I didn't tell her anything about myself. My boyfriend Pablo said I should ask her to contact Dean to inquire about his death, but I didn't say anything to her when about half way through the reading she said the following (as literal as I can remember):

"Was one of your friends from New York a really huge drag queen? I mean he's giant and very campy...very funny."

I told her yes - and that he had recently passed. She went on:

"He's very outrageous...he's posing for me like he was Marilyn Monroe or something but he's huge...was he very tall? (yes!) Well he said he's waited long enough to speak with you, but he didn't want to interrupt the other spirits who wanted to speak to you first...he's saying something like 'I'm not messing with that lady...let her go first!' Then he's telling me that there's some thought that he might have committed suicide or that there was some foul play? (yes!) Well he tells me it was totally an accident. He says he didn't realize how strong it he talking about drugs? (indeed!) was an accident.

He did say that life wasn't as easy as he would have liked it to be, but that he had no intention of ending it or letting someone else end it for that he's on the other side he's kind of like 'whooops! that was a big mistake!' He knows that he is missed and wishes he could be here to soak up all the attention in person. He's kind of enjoying it from there some kind of publicity or something around his death? (well...she hasn't missed yet...YES!)

Well he's enjoying it tremendously and he says he's feeling all the love from his friends and that he isn't done yet...he wants everyone to keep on talking about him...he wants someone to make a major motion picture about his life - every gory detail.

He says he appreciates your concern for him and that he's watching you from the other side, he says your life is very...(directly to Dean) Oh no...I won't say that!...OK...OK - (back to me) he was about to say your life was 'interesting' but then he interrupted himself and kind of yelled out "BORRRRRING!" He says you don't go out to clubs boring! But he's laughing about it. He's very amused by himself isn't he? (well...yes!)

Yes...he's a wonderful character...someone really should make his life story...he says he won't stop nudging people from the other side until it happens!"

Soooo....Dean speaks.

Don't know if any of you believe in this kind of thing...but I was completely taken aback by how on target she was in describing Dean, his manner, his humor, and his irreverence.

This happened on Tuesday.
Still reeling.
Still so hard to believe he's 'on the other side' now.
Still thinking of him every day.
Being nudged.
Biopic anyone?


David S.