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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

Found this posted on a Yahoo group:
(only posting a little bit... please follow the link)

original article (previously posted here)
Probe continues in deaths of two gay D.C. visitors
N.Y. men reportedly had worked as escorts; witness says both took pills
Oct 10, 12:47 PM

(a reply from a congressman)
Jim Graham wrote:
Dear Friends:

I wanted you to know that this morning I spoke with Commander Anzallo, who heads up detectives for MPD, concerning a report of two deaths at the Envoy at 2400 16th NW.

One two separate dates--September 16 and September 20--but just four days apart the tenant called 911 to report an unconscious man in his apartment.

In both cases, the individual was unconscious but dead on scene, there were no visible signs if trauma or foul play and each person had been invited into the apartment by the tenant.

Police executed a search warrant, and are treating this as highly suspicious. They are awaiting further medical reports.

The first death involved someone who was 26 years old, and the second someone who was 45 years old.

That is all there is to say at present.

Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham

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