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Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

Good article Frank!
Dean would have LOVED it I think.

The side bar was sort of stupid but I know that wasn't you. It's a miracle that your piece was left alone.

I remember one time years ago the New York Times did an article about Jackie 60. They interviewed us for hours. I explained that the "party" was every Tuesday night and each week we did a different theme. The reporter asked what the next theme would be and I told him that it was a take off on the (then new) Andy Warhol Diaries. It was called "Jackie's Diaries".
When the article came out, all it said (after hours of bla bla bla) was, "Jackie 60 is a nightclub based on Andy Warhol".
They had a huge side bar (bigger than the article) explaining who Andy Warhol was. Concentrating mostly on his "15 minutes of fame" quote of course.
When I asked about the stupid side bar they said that it was necessary to explain to the New York Times reader who Andy Warhol was.
After that experience I've learned that any article that "gets it right" is a miracle.
It's interesting to note that in all the years of Jackie 60 press, the best, most intelligent, insightful writing was hands down in the "Sex Rags". Screw Magazine, Playboy, Penthouse, Skin Two...
They were always hands down the most intelligent.

I should also say that Frank Owen always "got it right" as well. I guess it was all those late night hours at Jackie chasing the go go girls around.
Doing "interviews".
At least I think they were "girls". Wink