Reply to "Dean Johnson - Death of a Legendary Legend"

Chris Johnson here, not long lost -- perhaps *temporarily* lost would be more accurate....

I would be delighted to participate in Dean's B-day celebration; they have always been notable (I still have an invite to one at the World in 1988, taped into a scrapbook). I have been in touch with Brendan "Mme. Alexandre" Brogan, who alerted me to the whole affair...

If *only* I knew how to get in touch with Gil. As Dean well knew, Gil was and shall forever remain the flame to my moth. I -- to this day -- am more attracted to him than to any other human on earth. Go figure -- an O.J. and Nicole thing? (but who is who?).....

I know Dean would want us both there, as he delighted in not only our sexual tension but also our cock-hard loyalty to his fucked up, Quixotic vision.

I have much to say about Dean, my intense experiences with him, and my thoughts about his inevitably cinematic departure. I hope I get to say a few words at the celebration, but even if not, I will certainly be there!!

Originally posted by friendofdean:
Here are my two cents worth: Memorial on Deans bday is right on; I remember Dean being awed by the artistry of Clark Render, Tabboo, and anyone who ever impersonated Stevie Nicks with him of one of his annual 29th birthdays. And of course, all band members from the weenies and the mafia. Others I haven't seen mentioned include Pee Wee (Perry) Masco of ICU - and I hope someone is in touch with former R&RFB gogo boys Gil Bellaran and Chris Johnson. I hope some of you know how to get in touch with these long time (and maybe long lost) friends of his; I can probably find Chris Johnson, but the others are on your turf.
As for the oxycodone issue, acetaminophen is, in this case, the "key". Oxycontin is not a fun painkiller, due to it's slow release into the system (no rush) whereas percodan/-cet are damn recreational cuz they hit you full strength within 20 minutes. I can't imagine Dean willingly taking both since we had the oxycontin vs. percocet conversation a while back, and he had a scrip for the 'fun' version. Of course, I could be totally wrong, too, but that's my hunch. Love to all from the great white north.