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Dean Johnson, NOTS Legend (Formerly "Your "Next" magazine Article")

Note from your Adminatrix:

With so many NOTS fans and Dean Johnson fans converging on the Motherboards this year, I thought I would point you towards this topic by Dean, who was "velvetmafiacapo" here.

Back to Dean - and isnt the first line haunting?

I loved the article in "Next Magazine"; and I think it's the only time I'll ever be alluded to as a "genius" in print so I plan to have it buried with me, thank you so much. I already told you how I almost died laughing on the F train when I recognized Rabbit as Stevie on the cover. Love it! I was glad the article acknowleged the problem a few years ago regarding the "Stepford Stevies" who were taking things a little too seriously. I'm glad you're moving the event back toward it's original energy.

You know Chi, all these seventeen years I thought you had gotten the idea for NOTS from the Stevie Nicks Tribute show I was fired from The Pyramid for promoting when I wrote "wear your shawl, bring your spoon - all coke dealers admitted free" on the invitation. I didn't know the new owner was a cop.

After reading your article I realized we must have both developed the idea organically at the same time (great and that reminded me of a story.

After I was fired from the Pyramid job I lost my studio on Ludlow Street snd was shipped off to my Mother's farm in Maine to clean up my act and kick dope. While I was in exile our dear mutual friend Clark Render (Duelling Bankheads) came up to visit and enjoy the scenery - and brought me some goodies from "A-squared".

While we were high I said, 'Clark, I've become totally obsessed with this video of Stevie Nicks performing live at Red Rocks Colorado. She is so over-the-top she pulls me right over with her, I get chills every time I watch it. She's obviously out of her mind on coke but she's so OUT THERE it's like watching a tight-rope walker; her performance style is somewhere between Yoko Ono and Buffy Saint-Marie and there's this intense sapphic energy going on between her and the back-up singer; YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! It blows my mind!"

And then I sat him down and put on 'Edge of Seventeen'. Well, you know Clark. He was, needless to say, appalled, but trying to retain his composure. Finally, after struggling for something positive to say, he turned to me.

"You know who has this same problem? Chi-Chi Valenti. You two should start a support group or something."

And I guess that's exactly what we did. Smile

Everybody have fun friday and break a leg-warmer!

dean johnson
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