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Reply to "Dean Johnson, NOTS Legend (Formerly "Your "Next" magazine Article")"


Thanks so much for that brought a much-needed laugh.

I have just finished editing the tribute video for NOTS of the legends past..That reminded me to mention that the original concept for NOTS actually was presaged in 1981 when Gennaro Palermo staged a Stevie lip-synch performance of mine for Haoui Montaug's cabaret. Talk about people being appalled, they really were at the time.

Yes, amazingly, I never heard about your famous Pyramid show till the very early years of NOTS.
But it was that night at Jones Beach (1988? 89?)
when Rags and I ran into both you and Joey Arias at Stevie's concert that I realized just how major this was..

And the rest is herstory.
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