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Reply to "DH and the Fishsticks"

Since posting the DH and the FS gallery I've received tons of e-mails but this one killed me. Someone swiped one of my sleeves from the stage in London and we had the hardest time getting one made in Hong Kong. Now by the power of the Motherboards I have found the thieves.Check this out.......

I'm hoping this is Rob Roth's email address?!
Well, assuming it IS.... I just wanted to say Hi and tell you how much I LOVED
Deborah Harry and the Fishsticks at G-A-Y in London last month. My friend and
I were right at the front (we got crushed to the point of death but we had a
great view!!) We always see Debbie and Blondie whenever they're in the UK, but
this was definitely the wildest, most fun performance we've ever seen! If only
it were longer tho wink
You all looked like you were having a great time.
And if one of you is missing
a suit-sleeve.... sorry.... it flew towards my friend's head and so we kept
it. We saw you leave the Astoria later, but in our drunken stupor we forgot to
return it to you. And, speaking of clothing, we'd love to know where Debbie
got her corset and transparent stilletto mules from...

We love ya!!!

Katy & Helen in London x
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