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Reply to "DH and the Fishsticks"

The outrageous Edina and Patsy are back for a one off special on BBC ONE later this year.

Joining them are the long suffering Saffy, Mother and Bubble. The show also features special guest stars Whoopi Goldberg (as social counsellor Goldie), with Debbie Harry and Graham Norton playing themselves alongside some very familiar faces from the cat walk scene.

Patsy (Joanna Lumley) has now left her job on a glossy magazine to become a very important Creative Director and Buyer for Jeremy's, a new concept fashion store.

This gives Patsy, Fleur (Harriet Thorpe), and Catriona (Helen Lederer) the perfect opportunity to take London Fashion Week by storm. Having got a taste for flash photography, frocks and male models, Patsy sets her sights across the Atlantic and plans a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Eddie (Jennifer Saunders) meanwhile with no company left to run combines trying to find yet more new ways to lose weight with attempts to train Bubble (Jane Horrocks) as her personal PA, until Mother (June Whitfield) lets it slip that Eddie's long lost son Serge is not studying at the bottom of the ocean, but living in the party capital of America - New York.

Despite Saffy's (Julia Sawalha) best attempts to hide her brother's exact whereabouts, Eddie and Patsy set their sights on the Big Apple in search of Serge and some "bling, bling".

While the pair wreck havoc in the city that never sleeps, Bo (Mo Gaffney) and Serges father, Marshall (Christopher Ryan) are running a Christian TV show and Saffy is observing the world from inside a cupboard as she believes this will help her career as a writer.

The 2002 Ab Fab Special

Wait a minute...
They didn't mention The Fishsticks!
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