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Reply to "Displaced Radical Faeries"

There's so much to share, which will come in time, but a quick note on DJ Sammy Jo planting seeds for a Universal harvest-- who knew he was such a skilled gardener:

Pickles managed to filter "Edge of Seventeen" through his speakers in the very early morning hours, perhaps precisely one week before The Battle of A Thousand Stevies. That moment still pulses through me as I prepare for Friday night.

He and Rob electronically channeled so many of our faerie friends into that party-- we welcomed BOB, Le Tigre, Theo. And when our Jersey Tomato sang "Atomic", we danced for the Universe, as invoked by Justin Buick Skylark FABbreeze.

So many of us are traveling in the upcoming months to bring our celebrations around the world. Through venues such as this Cyberclub, we expand our song into the Universe.

"The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous."
--Grant Morrison (via Emma Frost in "New X-Men")

Goddess Time, indeed.

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