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Reply to "Displaced Radical Faeries"

I'm proud to announce that Jackie Bigalow has just become the newest member of the Woodbury, TN Public Library, and was told in no uncertain terms by the librarian that she was absolutely not allowed to look at porn while using this computer. With her 1987 German Skinhead hair and sleeveless Glamour Goblins shirt, bright green pants and yellow shoes, I just don't know why they would even think they had to tell her that.

So things down here are pretty magical-- I get to bathe at least once a week, I just had a delicious and nutritious cheeseburger at Sonicburger (btw, Glamnerd-- Tracy was fired for wearing the 69 cap from Bacon 'n' Biscuits in Murfreesboro, not Sonicburger in Woodbury-- she worked exclusively with the cola and milkshake machines), and I'm currently doing my laundry so I don't have to wear the same socks that I've had on since you kids left).

My book had been coming along relatively smoothly until our dear friend Granite knocked my laptop onto the floor, so now I have to take it to the nearest computer store 2 hours away in Nashville and pay them $85 (minimum) to spend three business days fixing it. In the meantime, I'm playing a fierce round of Scrabble games with my neighbor Willie. And I just cleaned out my shitter.

This is the closing weekend of the Woodbury Community Players' smash production of "Carousel", so 18 of us faeries made reservations for tonight. "When you walk through the storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark". I'll have to keep this song in my head as I do my nightly walk home through the woods in the pouring rain which Glamnerd described above. I

It was so special having ya'll up at my house the other night-- as I sit alone writing at the kitchen table, I play Nora Jones and remember you fondlely, I mean fondly.

As soon as I get my computer back, I'll continue writing my book just as fast as my little fingers can type so that I can come back home and brunch with all you goons again.

But today is a beautiful autumn day, and I'm enjoying every clean breath of it while I can.

I miss most of you!

Much love to you all,
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