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Reply to "Displaced Radical Faeries"

oh my goddess gracious.
what a bunch of j.c. witchy-poo wannabes.
passed around sacramental tea and then sat by the fire singing tired ol' rainbow gathering pagan chants and cryin' over and talking about all the queens who had "passed over" in the past year or couldn't be with us for whatever reason.
i was like... you freaks spend so much goddamn time tryin' to talk to people who ain't here you miss out on havin' a good time with the ones who is.
one hardcore sister and i stayed up well past sunrise and some hippie comes wanderin' back to the fire and says, "i hear there was a party here last night." without missing a beat my girl sez, "it wasn't no party. it was church."
who's idea of fun on halloween is vying for position around a fire in order to keep from freezing to death while a bunch of people go thru processing that would make a lesbian blush???
horrible. absolutely horrible.
i wish i had been in new york with you guys or portland with my burning crew or any goddamn place other than wolf creek, oregon.
the moral of the story:
a samhain ritual ain't no halloween party.
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