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Reply to "Displaced Radical Faeries"

the faeries and the sisters
have much in common ideologically -
stripping the twin straight jackets
of consumerism and gender roles,
promoting safer sexual behavior and
greater HIV/STD awareness through humor
and frank/open/shameless discussions/
attitudes, breaking out of the "clone culture"...
i'm sure you can see the similarities.
UNLIKE the faeries, the sisters are ACTIVE
fundraisers for a variety of GLBTQ related causes.

there are many sisters who visit the mountain
for gatherings - sister bambi dextrous, sister clara cum passionata, etc. -
and one who's lived at SMS for almost 20 years -
sister missionary position delight, one of the original sisters.

they've chronicled their history and documented
their rules and rituals much more carefully
than we have... (nuns vs. faeries, duh!)
they're ALWAYS pressed, usually creating a scene,
and it's generally in the name of a good cause.
an amazing organization, if you ask me.