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Reply to "dj johnny dynell"

Ricky is "chillin" now.
He likes not being in the spotlight so much.
He's still doing music.
(watch for a "Ricky Martin record" this spring. Ricky has nothing to do with it and is not on it but it's a "Ricky Martin record" for sure. It's a Daddy homage to my ex-band mate).

And Andrea,
"Club 69" is all Peter's idea.
When he called me and asked what I thought about the name I told him I hated it. (He loved the name "Jackie 60") I told him I thought 69 was too obvious and very "Jr. High School" and told him not to use it.
Fortunately (for him) he never listens to me and had a huge success with "Club 69" and *69 Records.
NOTE: If anyone wants to get rich, just run your idea past me and then do THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what I say.
Picture it, 1983
DADDY: "Dance and sing, get up and do your thing...
Are you kidding me with this?
Let me help you write some lyrics".
M _ _ _ _ _ _ : "I know what I'm doing".

Peter Rauhofer is such a smart guy and VERY VERY talented. One of the best re-mixers ever. I love working with him.
(In fact, we are working on something fun right now. You'll be hearing about it.)